RYEBREAD Architects’ office is now closed to the public, in compliance with NJ Executive Order No. 107, which went into effect 9:00 Saturday, 21 March.  The intent is “to limit the unnecessary movement of individuals in and around their communities and person-to-person interactions in accordance with CDC and DOH guidance”.

Our firm is still operating, just WFH (Working From Home). We are responding to voicemails & emails, and accepting mail, Fed-Ex, & drop-offs in a bin outside the front door (please ring the doorbell). These days our meetings are via Zoom or conference call.

We pray for the sick and lost. We regret those not working, and are grateful to those on the front lines: health care workers, Police/Fire/EMT. We appreciate those working at grocery stores, pharmacies, & gas stations, the delivery persons & truckers. We understand the anguish of their families.

Most of all, we wish Godspeed to our Clients, Consultants, Suppliers, and Contractors as we get through these desperate days with the loyalty, dedication, care, and integrity that you have always relied on.