Gloucester City High School IMC Alteration
This is not an SDA Project

RYEB Project:

Gloucester City High School

1300 Market Street

Gloucester City, NJ 08030

Project Description:

The project consists of, but is not limited to, minor demolition, floor replacement, painting and minor electrical work in the 6,500 sf Instructional Media Center.

Approx. Project Duration:

Construction shall begin on or about 16 June 2020 and shall be substantially completed on or before 26 August 2020.

Documents Information:

Proposal Forms, Instructions to Bidders, Specifications and other bid documents may be made available and examined by Bidders from the office of REGAN YOUNG ENGLAND BUTERA, PC; 456 High Street, Mt. Holly, New Jersey 08060 during regular business hours. Additional information, including a list of (registered) Prime Bidders, can be obtained from the Architect’s web site ( Subcontractors and vendors may obtain copies from registered Prime Bidders. There is a $25.00 non-refundable cost to be a Prime Bidder. An electronic copy of the specifications and drawings shall be made available to Prime Bidders; hard copies of the bidding documents shall not be provided. Access to the electronic documents shall be emailed to the Prime Bidder upon receipt of their payment and all of the following information:

Business Name

Contact Person

Business Mailing Address

Business Phone Number

Business Facsimile Number

Email Address




Angelo P. Butera, AIA, LEED AP


456 High Street

Mt. Holly, NJ 08060

(609) 265-2652/0333 Fax

Inquiry Deadline:

Prime Bidders must submit any requests or any questions concerning the project to the Architect on Form 006001 CONTRACTOR REQUEST FOR INFORMATION included in the Project Manual no later than 1:00 PM Tuesday, 21 April 2020. The Architect will not respond to questions received by those other than Prime Bidders.

Contract Type:
Single Contract
Pre-Bid Meeting:
3:30 PM prevailing time, on 08 April 2020
Meeting Location:
Main Lobby of Gloucester City High School located at 1300 Market Street; Gloucester City, New Jersey 08030
Bidder Requirement:

Prime Bidders must be pre-qualified by the New Jersey Department of the Treasury, Department of Property and Management Construction, prior to the date that bids are received. Any bids submitted under the terms of New Jersey Statutes not including a copy of a valid and active Prequalified/Classification Certificate and New Jersey Department of Labor Contractor Registration Certificate may be rejected as being non-responsive to bid requirements.


One of the following DPMC-Classified Trade(s) and License(s) are required by the Overall Prime Bidder and/or their subcontractors:

C008 General Construction.

C009 General Construction/Alterations and Additions.

C047 Electrical.

Bids Due:
No later than 1:00 PM prevailing time, on Tuesday 05 May 2020.
Bid Location:

Gloucester City Board of Education


1300 Market Street

Gloucester City, NJ 08030

The GLOUCESTER CITY BOARD OF EDUCATION has the right to award the contracts within sixty (60) days of the bid opening and reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any non-material defects, as may be permitted by law.


#5602B This is not an SDA Project
Gloucester City High School IMC Alteration

Bidder Classification Telephone Email
Marino General Construction GC 856-629-1830
Levy Construction GC 856-547-0707
R. Maxwell Construction GC 609-646-6699
Straga Brothers GC 856-881-7960
J.H. Williams Enterprises GC 856-793-7114
Joseph Porretta Builders GC 609-561-6391
ConstructConnect, Inc. RS 800-364-2059
The Blue Book RS 800-431-2584
Coastal Land Contrs GC 856-358-0368
Classification Key:
General Contractor: GC
Plumbing: P
Electrical: E
Structural Steel: SS
Vendor V
Heating, Ventilating, AC: HVAC
Reporting Service: RS
Specialty Trade: ST


#5602B This is not an SDA Project
Gloucester City High School IMC Alteration

Bidder Classification Telephone Email
R. MAXWELL CONST, CO. GC 609-646-6699