Revitalizing Buildings & Communities

Present day economics mandate that we better utilize both public & private resources, refining & expanding our existing built environment. More than ever, we need intelligent transport systems, workspaces which foster education & enterprise, engaging commerce/recreation destinations, civic investments with a sense of purpose, homes that provide comfort & rejuvenation, as well as safe & secure places for learning.

To be successful, the design of these projects must respond to the orientation, views, access, and opportunities unique to each site. Thoughtful landscaping & site planning tie a structure to the land to make it belong, and sensitive lighting, signage, mechanical systems, and interior design enhance a building’s livability. New work must take shape acknowledging our built heritage, which includes the 20th Century. All this must be accomplished minimizing cost, delay, maintenance, and ecological impact, while at the same time enhancing the quality of life in our human habitat.

As the most profound public art, everyone has a stake in producing diverse, walkable, vibrant communities: residents, business & property owners, institutions, and government. The alchemy is simple: as designers, we take natural, financial, cultural, technology, & human resources, then leverage them so the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Thus, in every project, skill, inspiration, perseverance, compromise, communication, and revision are all essential parts of the revitalization process.

RYEBREAD sees incredible potential waiting to be fully realized. Density, diversity, and historic fabric are assets, not liabilities. Our structures and thoroughfares can be designed for greater efficiency & livability, while respecting both our past & present. Our landscape & water features can be better utilized, and our public spaces shaped as outdoor rooms. As always, the goal of our generation should be to leave the earth better than we found it, while leaving behind bricks & mortar in the edifice of civilization.