Burlington County’s Best Architects Promote “A Blueprint for Better”

Moorestown, NJ, 16 August 2018 – Architects Kimberly Bunn, David Donachy, and Regan Young met today to strategize how to advance here in Burlington County the national AIA’s initiative, A Blueprint for Better.  The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has created this campaign to bring to life the role of architects as thought and action leaders in improving our cities, towns, and neighborhoods.  In partnership with their clients and other stakeholders, architects plant the seeds that blossom into stronger communities.

Addressing 26,000 of the nation’s architects gathered on 22 June in NYC, 2018 AIA president Carl Elefante proclaimed the dawning of the urban era and a relevance revolution in architecture.  By creating human habitat, architects are engaging in the issues of climate change, sustainability, health, affordability, infrastructure, & security.  Elefante asserted, “What architects do matters to the lives of people.”

AIA members Bunn, Donachy, & Young have been voted by Burlington County Times readers as 2018 Best Architects.  Their intent is to use this recognition to advance their Blueprint for Better to advocate for their clients and the public by addressing the social, economic, and environmental imperatives of the 21st Century.

Kimberly Bunn is an architect in private practice based in Moorestown, NJ.  Specializing in residential projects, she has expertise in preservation and sustainability.  “Our historic buildings express our culture and heritage,” says Bunn.  “While green options can save the client money and create a healthier environment.”  She sits on the Board of Trustees of both the AIA New Jersey chapter, the AIA West Jersey section, and has served as president of both organizations.

David Donachy also lives and works in Moorestown, with a focus on high end residential projects.  He designed former Eagles player and congressman Jon Runyan’s 13,000 SF estate in Mount Laurel.  “Humans are a species defined by our creation of habitat,” according to Donachy.  “Architects design building envelopes/systems/interiors to house individuals, families, and communities.”

Regan Young is president of RYEBREAD Architects in Mount Holly, NJ.  His firm is known for designing NADE Bordentown, the Pemberton Library, and school projects around Burlington County and beyond.  Young explains  “The impact of architects’ work is key to security, health, and well-being.”

On 11 September, Bunn, Donachy, and Young will be recognized as Burlington County’s Best Architects at a gala presented by the Burlington County Times.  Winners from all categories will be gathered at the Hotel ML that evening.