Patrick Farmer passes Architect Registration Exam

Mount Holly, NJ, 17 March 2016
Today the National Council of Architectural Licensing Boards informed RYEBREAD project manager Patrick Farmer that he has successfully completed the Architecture Registration Exam (ARE).

On 12 March, Patrick took the last of seven discreet ARE tests: Construction Documents & Services; Programming, Planning & Practice; Site Planning & Design; Building Construction & Construction Systems; Structural Systems; Building Systems; and Schematic Design.

The ARE attempts to determine the candidate’s qualifications not only to perform measurable tasks, but also to exercise the skills and judgment of a construction industry generalist working with numerous specialists. In short, the objective is to reflect the practice of architecture as an integrated whole.

Patrick Farmer has been a member of RYEBREAD Architects since 1999, when he worked as a summer intern. His primary role is project management, focusing on design and documentation. He has special expertise in Computer Aided Design, Building Information Management, and their application to educational facilities.

Patrick lives in Delran, NJ with his wife Vanessa and daughter Alice. He graduated from Burlington City High School in 1999, and went on to earn a Bachelor of Architecture from New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2006.
Based in Mount Holly, NJ, Regan Young England Butera: Referendums, Engineering, Architecture, Design (aka RYEBREAD) provides professional services to fix/improve the interiors, systems, envelopes, and contexts of our South Jersey built environment.

There are only around 105,000 licensed architects in the US, as compared to 450,000 engineers, 970,000 physicians, and 1,300,000 attorneys. So Patrick has gained entry into what is quite a select profession.