RYEBREAD: $25 Million DPMC Rating

Trenton, NJ, 31 March 2008 – Today the New Jersey Department of the Treasury, Division of Property Management & Construction (DPMC), notified RYEBREAD Architects of their renewed Consultant Prequalification to provide services for public-sector projects through 31 March 2010.

RYEBREAD is now prequalified for Architecture projects up to $25 million each (the highest numerical rating). The firm is DPMC-rated at $20 million for Barrier-Free Design, Interior Design/Space Planning, Feasibility Planning, and Site Planning, as well as $15 million in Construction Field Inspection and Project Management. Their rating for Planning is $10 million, and $5 million Roofing Inspection, Roofing Consultant, and Security Systems. Services for Estimating/Cost Analysis and Value Engineering have no fixed amount.

These ratings are based upon the Experience Questionnaire (Form 48A) submitted to DPMC by Michelle Zoppina, RYEBREAD Office Manager. Prequalification is required for projects administered by the DPMC and School Development Authority, and may be required by New Jersey counties, municipalities, Boards of Education and other state committees, authorities and organizations in order to be considered for professional consultant services.