RYEBREAD = South Jersey’s Premier Green Architects

Marlton, NJ, 24 June 2011 – In the June issue of South Jersey Biz magazine, RYEBREAD won the Green Award for “Architectural Innovator”, recognizing their sustainable, efficient, and environmentally sound design. Out of the 21 SJ Biz Green Awards conferred, RYEBREAD was the only architecture firm.

This establishes RYEBREAD (Regan Young England Butera: Referendums, Engineering, Architecture, Design) as South Jersey’s premier Green architecture firm. Their commitment to Sustainable Design has impacted their Clients’ buildings, creating more effective, healthy, comfortable environments for them to live, work, and succeed.

In 2008, RYEBREAD’s Director of Sustainability Angelo P. Butera was made a LEED Accredited Professional by the US Green Building Council. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design.

RYEBREAD has over two decades of experience in Green Design. The firm has been responsible for numerous schools powered by geothermal energy. (Geothermal HVAC systems use the earth’s thermal storage to heat and cool.) Their new Library at Pemberton’s Fort Dix Elementary School features the innovative use of light shelves, pitched metal “cool roofing”, and daylighting/occupancy sensors.

Other Green Design aspects of RYEBREAD’s buildings include use of recycled materials, low VOC adhesives, improved indoor air quality, increased acoustic treatment, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and energy-efficient lighting/mechanical systems & appliances.

RYEBREAD is deeply involved in the most effective Green strategy: the revitalization of existing buildings and communities. They have recently won accolades from the Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia, the NJ State Office of Preservation, and the Burlington County Freeholders.

The architects’ commitment to sustainable initiatives extends to their personal lives. Taking advantage of state and federal initiatives, Angelo Butera has installed a photovoltaic system on his home in Evesham. Regan Young and his wife live in a low-carbon live-work unit in Mount Holly, and he can often be seen getting around town on his bicycle.

According to Young, “Successful Green projects are based on thoughtful analysis and careful planning, are designed to perform well and optimize limited resources, and come about when responsive architects & committed clients join in a rigorous, cooperative effort.”


(from left) RYEBREAD Principals Regan Young, AIA/PP, Scott Charles England, AIA, & Angelo P. Butera, AIA/LEED AP; Project Managers Roy Ruby & Patrick Farmer; and Office Manager Michelle Zoppina in front of their Mount Holly headquarters. Photo by Thomasina Rose Young