2 River Road Duplexes

East Brunswick, NJ

Based upon the success of our 80-unit Oak Creek elderly housing project for the same Client, RYEBREAD Architects was again hired to design units for another (difficult) site. Rather than creating one single block of housing (whose scale would overwhelm the surrounding residential neighborhood), we configured it as a pair of duplexes to fit in as an urban infill project.

Meeting some resistance at the Land Use Board for introducing low income housing into a traditional townscape, when built these units resulted in a net positive impact to the community. Through careful detailing of gabled roofs, overhangs, porches, and window surrounds, these dwellings blend in with surrounding single-family houses.

A particular challenge of this site was to provide access to the one handicapped-adaptable unit, while raising the living spaces above the existing floodplain. The flood-proofing foundation has proven repeatedly successful over the last 15 years. This project has been a good investment for the non-profit, and for the Township. It stands as an attractive gateway to the historic village of Old Bridge.

Completion: 1995
Client: East Brunswick Community Housing Corporation; East Brunswick, NJ
RYEBREAD Project Manager: Angelo P. Butera, AIA/PP/LEED AP
MPE & Structural Engineers: Eastborn Engineering; Moorestown, NJ
Rendering: Ralph Weaver; McVeytown, PA