500 Building, Moorestown Office Center

Moorestown, NJ

How many speculative offices finish off construction with a thank-you letter from the Mayor? This one did.

The exterior was designed as a stately gateway to the new Centerton Square retail development in particular, and more generally into the historic community of Moorestown. This project complements the contiguous office parks that Griffin Construction has built and managed over the last several decades.

Unlike their previous garden-office campuses, however, this building has a double-height lobby with an elevator. To fit in with its neighbors, the building’s scale was broken down by creating the look of successive additions, including changes of fa├žade materials. Traditional gable roofs, cornices, siding, brick, stone, and double-hung windows produced a building that looks comfortable in its setting.

The interior, however, was designed for leasing flexibility. At four suites to a floor, clever interior staircases & utility cores mean that units can be combined front-to-back, side-to-side, and up-and-down (even diagonally!). The articulation of the floor plan also provides numerous executive corner offices. RYEBREAD Architects provided fit-up plan services for several of the suites.

With its prominent location, appealing look, and flexible layout, the 500 Building was entirely leased upon completion. Mostly, medical offices found this to be the perfect setting. This project has become a local landmark, while being an asset for it’s owners, tenants, and municipality.

Completion: 2006
Client/General Contractor: Griffin Construction; Moorestown, NJ
RYEBREAD Project Manager: Roy Ruby
Civil Engineer: William H. Nicholson; Mount Laurel, NJ