Eastampton Community School

Eastampton, NJ

Can a major school project provide much needed educational, cultural, and recreational assets, while actually saving the taxpayers money? The Eastampton Community School proved that it can be done.

The project consisted of consolidating all the District’s students into a single facility. That meant not only more efficient use of personnel, but also reduced costs for operations, maintenance, administration, and transportation. The original school was renovated, and a new classroom wing, Cafetorium, Library, Art Rooms & second Gym constructed in two additions. Metal roofing and new windows tied together the old & new portions of the building, seamlessly blending them into a harmonious whole.

This project not only saves public monies, but helps family budgets (and health) as well. With it’s centralized location, 90% of the town’s students (and residents) are able to now walk to this educational, cultural, and recreational center.

The resulting Eastampton Community School is not only functional, but also gorgeous. The District went from having the worst facilities in the region, to the best (including the regional high school)! The school now is a source of great pride, as well as increased property values. It improved both the standard of education and the quality of life in Eastampton.

Completion: 2007
Client: Eastampton Twp. Board of Education; Eastampton, NJ
BoE Project Manager: Susan Mintz; Mt Laurel, NJ
RYEBREAD Project Manager: Scott Charles England
MPE Engineer: Kelter & Gilligo; Princeton Junction, NJ
Structural Engineer: Harrison-Hamnett; Pennington, NJ
Acoustic Engineer: Felicia Doggett; Philadelphia, PA
Food Service Design Consultant: Taff Nash; Denver, PA
Civil Engineer: Dante Guzzi; Medford, NJ
Construction Manager: Grayhawk; Moorestown, NJ
General Contractor: Ogren Construction; Vineland, NJ
Photographer: Taylor Photo; Princeton, NJ