Ft Dix Elementary School Library

Pemberton, NJ

The new Instructional Media Center (library) at Ft Dix Elementary School was created to enhance student learning and energy efficiency. The design utilizes the qualities of light, space, luminescence, transparency & elements of sustainable or “Green” design to create the three-dimensional embodiment of the education provided within.

From the project’s inception, RYEBREAD strategically selected components that esthetically enhanced the overall design of the project and were “Green”. This means they conserve resources, reduce their impact on the environment, and improve the quality of the internal environment for the students & staff.

Green components included light-colored roofing that reflects solar radiation instead of transferring it into the building as heat, large roof overhangs and exterior sunshades to reduce the amount of heat gain to the building in the summer months, and light shelves that bounce natural light into the interior space, thus reducing the amount of artificial lighting.

Daylighting sensors automatically adjust the artificial lighting levels, based on the amount of natural light entering the space. Occupancy sensors strategically turn artificial lighting on or off, based on where occupants are within the space.

This most recent enhancement to Ft Dix Elementary School is administered by the Pemberton Township Board of Education, and funded by the U. S. Department of Defense. The school serves students from pre-school through fourth grade.

Completion: 2007
Client: Pemberton Township Board of Education; Pemberton, NJ
RYEBREAD Project Manager: Angelo P. Butera
MPE Engineer: Schiller & Hersch; Oreland, PA
Structural Engineer: Arthur Coston; Burlington, NJ
Civil Engineer: Dante Guzzi; Medford, NJ
General Contractor: Don Fox; Cherry Hill, NJ
Photographer: Taylor Photo; Princeton, NJ