Medford BoE 2001 Referendum Projects

Medford, NJ

Shortly after becoming Superintendent of the Medford School District, Susan Mintz contracted two separate demographic firms to forecast student enrollments. They agreed: additional students were coming and the current facilities lacked the capacity for this growth.

The Superintendent, BoE, and Architect conducted a series of public outreach meetings. In a community deeply supportive of quality education, these meetings achieved consensus on the following directives:

1. Maintain Neighborhood Schools.
2. Plan for the Future.
3. Don’t Create a Second Middle School.
4. No Triple Bussing.
5. Minimize Tax Impact.

Since existing District properties could not accommodate expansion, the Project Team (including Administrators, Architect, Civil Engineer, and Construction Manager) analyzed numerous possible educational & site configurations. With additional public outreach, the BoE advanced a program of expanding the middle school, building two new elementary schools & a new transportation facility, and upgrading facilities at the other three schools.

This $48 million Capital Improvements project coincided with a grant program available from the NJ School Construction Corporation. Despite the extensive scope and complexity of the work (which included land acquisition & approvals), Medford’s application was one of the first in the state submitted, approved, and built (on time & under budget).

Completion: 2004
Client: Medford Board of Education; Medford, NJ
RYEBREAD Project Manager: Scott Charles England
MPE Engineer: Kelter & Gilligo; Princeton Junction, NJ
Structural Engineer: Harrison-Hamnett; Pennington, NJ
Acoustic Engineer: R. Kring Herbert; West Orange, NJ
Food Service Design Consultant: Taff Nash; Denver, PA
Civil Engineer: Dante Guzzi; Medford, NJ
Construction Manager: Greyhawk; Moorestown, NJ
General Contractors: Bock Construction, Sambe Construction, and others