Mt Holly PowerSports

Lumberton, NJ

This retail showroom & service facility was intentionally designed to be a roadside icon. Its form expresses the American dream of mobility and freedom, represented by the language of the 20th Century highway. At the same time, the building’s internal and external display areas let passers-by know what this business is all about.

The term “sixty second architecture” was once used as an insult; here it’s a virtue. While the structure is basically a simple block box, the corner entrance with its “hood ornament” column and flanking chevrons conjure up motion and speed, in an appropriate retro fashion. This entrance lets customers know they’re entering a world made just for them.

The side service door was downplayed, deliberately encouraging customers to go through the attractive displays of colorful accessories (a high margin part of the business). A mezzanine provides additional storage.

With this custom-designed facility, their combination of inventory, accessories, and service has made Mt Holly PowerSports one of the premier motorcycle dealers in the Delaware Valley.

Completion: 1991
Client: Steve Hyde; Lumberton, NJ
RYEBREAD Project Manager: Angelo P. Butera
MPE Engineer: Rocky Vinciguerra; Woodbury, NJ
Structural Engineer: Robert Rosen; Conshohocken, PA
Civil Engineer: Lord Anderson Worrell; Burlington, NJ
General Contractor: Gary Jones; Tabernacle, NJ
Photographer: Fred Forbes; Gloucester City, NJ