Neill Residence Addition

Mount Holly, NJ

The program for this project was straightforward: design a first-floor suite to accommodate a wheelchair bound, multiply handicapped child. New spaces include an accessible bedroom, den, bathroom, equipment closet, deck, and ramp. Creating new open, accessible, livable living spaces would improve the quality of life for the entire family.

How to design an addition that would visually fit onto a coarse brick English Cottage house was more of a problem. After several studies, Architect and Client settled on a design for a distinct pavilion that would emulate the lines of the main house. Originally proposed with a brick exterior to match the original, value engineering made vinyl siding the budget-friendly choice. By choosing a dark terra cotta siding, the addition still looks like it belongs.

Sloped A-frame roofs on the addition have the same steep slopes of the main house. The gabled entry bay is echoed in the addition, and the new windows match the configuration and frame color of the original.

In the end, a practical (yet artistic) solution became an asset for the family, and the pride of their neighborhood.

Completion: 2004
Client: Jim & Martha Neill; Mount Holly, NJ
RYEBREAD Project Manager: Patrick Farmer
Design Consultant: Louise McDonnell
Contractor: Ranco Construction