Gray + Green

These days, claims of being “green” are to the construction industry what “high fidelity” was to the electronics industry in the ‘Sixties: ubiquitous. But how do you cut through the “greenwashing” to get the best results for both the individual and the community?

RYEBREAD’s professional services go the next step: Gray + Green. We realize that to best serve our Clients, we need to help them resolve apparent opposites: Initial + Life-Cycle Costs, Function + Appearance, Traditions + Trends, Exterior + Interior, Planning + Architecture.

Our projects begin with programming, an analysis of the Clients’ functional, formal, economic, and time needs. At the same time, site conditions and regulatory limitations must be accessed. With this knowledge, the RYEBREAD design team then progresses through design, documentation, and bidding/negotiation. After contractors are selected, careful construction administration helps produce a product with long-term value.