Rebuilding the Jersey Shore

In its tear of destruction, the megastorm Sandy left some of New Jersey’s most beloved shore communities in tatters, sweeping away beaches, homes, boardwalks, commercial buildings, and lives. Recovery efforts after the widespread devastation could be among the most extensive in United States history.

The damage brought by Sandy created the need for repair, renovation, and reconstruction on a massive scale. This will be a high priority for New Jersey architects, engineers, building officials, and contractors, especially those of us familiar with the impacted areas.

As rehabilitation specialists, RYEBREAD Architects’ focus has always been on leveraging public and private resources, uniting function, structure, and beauty (within budget & time restraints) to improve our built environment. Nobody cares more about South Jersey than our team of Architects, Engineers, and Environmental Consultants. We are eager to use our skills and experience to help in the recovery.

Rebuilding the Jersey Shore can come only from a successful collaboration among the design team, contractors, clients, and government. Thus skill, inspiration, perseverance, compromise, communication, and revision are all essential parts of the reconstruction process. Let’s work together to make it happen.